Opinion: Analysts, Scott Liewehr, and Digital Clarity Group

Scott Liewehr and Robert Rose at CMS Expo 2012

A few days ago, I received an early copy of a press release announcing the launch of Digital Clarity Group (DCG). DCG is an advisory and analyst company geared toward helping business leaders navigate "digital transformation" in their organizations. To the best of my knowledge, I have never recommend a particular consulting or analyst company on any of my blogs. I'd like to set new precedence and tell you why I think if you're a business leader you should consider hiring analysts from DCG to help you and your company face the upcoming technological challenges that have just started to surface.

I don't know about you, but many of the consultants and analysts that I've met along the way often intimidate me more than they educate me. This is a profession in my opinion with too many "experts" that like to use big words and often deliver complicated business strategies that are often nearly impossible to implement operationally. I know there are a number of CIOs, CMOs, CTOs, and COOs that secretly agree with me and wonder if the analysts they hired could have been a little bit clearer on the message that needs to be brought back to their own companies. This is where the folks from the Digital Clarity Group come in as they too recognize that analyst need to do a better job in providing clear, forward-thinking, actionable advice to their clients.

Scott Liewehr, Digital Clarity GroupTechnology industry veteran Scott Liewehr is President and Principal Analyst of DCG and has assembled an extraordinary “all-star team” of experts to focus on working with business leaders on all aspects of digital transformation. This includes advising technology vendors on how to approach this market, as well as the buyers on how to better navigate the changes. As Scott stated; “Consumers and knowledge workers alike are grabbing control of the reigns and not letting go. The combination of the social web, open standards, the cloud, and ubiquitous mobility to name just a few, represent a field of dreams for empowered audiences to both collaborate and self-satisfy. For organizations, these represent an opportunity to transform, innovate, engage and develop loyal customers and employees like never before.” 

On a personal note, I first met Scott at CMS Expo 2011. Since then he has become an "unofficial mentor" of mine by helping me recognize my own place in the content management industry. During the time we have known each other, Scott has said some things to convince me not to be overly humble and under-value myself. I tell you this story because I'm convinced that under Scott's leadership DCG is likely going to offer businesses unique perspectives that is rare even among analyst groups. I don't think it is in Scott's core values to claim DCG can offer you the "thought leadership" your business needs to help it survive if it wasn't true. DCG may be a young company but the people that make up this analyst group is a powerhouse of respected professionals that you and your company definitely need to get to know better.

Besides Scott Liewehr, DCG also includes Partner and Principal Analysts Cathy McKnight and Tim Walters. Also included are Robert Rose, Contributing Senior Analyst for DCG and Elise Segar, Partner and head of Client Services.

You might be surprised to know that I have also met  Robert Rose and I walked away very impressed with this gentleman. Robert and Scott were presenting at CMS Expo 2012 a session on the Process of Web Engagement Management. Robert is a renowned author and content marketing expert and in a one-on-one discussions I found him quite adaptable to changing and diverse topics. I threw him some curve balls that most marketing experts would have found challenging to keep up with but he hit a home run every time.

Logo for Digital Clarity Group

At the end of the day, it is you whom will have to decide if Digital Clarity Group is the analyst group you would like to consult with. Personally, I have no doubt DCG will provide the needed leadership, research, and guidance most seek whether that medium is through publications, speaking events, client engagements or even DCG's blog. If you are a business challenged with needing actionable advice across any of the four transformational themes these analysts are currently focused on (Consumer Engagement, The Social Enterprise, Innovative Change And Adaptive Technology), then I strongly encourage you to consider hiring the Digital Clarity Group.