GLORIAD: CMS in Review

I came across a well written summary of content management applications (especially open source CMS) via a Security Blog over at GLORIAD. The CMS article is a near perfect overview on the state of CMS in 2007. This article is a "must read" in my opinion and it's really too bad I didn't write it first. Can you tell I'm envious?

At the end of the article the author concludes:

The World loves CMS, CMS Report loves Singapore

I must confess, I really don't fully understand how the Internet ranking systems actually work.  Ranking systems such as Google's PageRank and Alexa's Traffic Rankings seem to use a mystery of statistical analysis, algorithms, and a sprinkle of voodoo calculus to come up with the numbers they do.  Although most people lack the understanding to how these numbers are derived it is still fun to watch those rankings change from day to day.  For example, since the Fall of 2006 I've seen the rankings for change from

Discussing CMS requirements, file handling, and document management

Recently, I read some good posts regarding content management systems (CMS) on a few blogs I visit almost daily.  The posts have had me thinking and reflecting in general about CMS.  However, I won't talk too much about them so you get a chance to go on and read the articles yourself.  The first post comes from and the second post from Gadgetopia.

A review of ReviewBasics

Collaboration.  Everyone wants to do it better.  Collaboration.  Everyone wants to find that perfect online tool which can support needed communication necessary for good collaboration .  Collaboration.  Every company in the business wants to provide you their tool to help you make collaboration work for you.

Perhaps ReviewBasics might be just the communication tool you're looking for to meet your collaboration requirements.  Tim Shih, SharpStyle Labs, has been wanting me to take a look at their collaboration feedback tool, ReviewBasics.   Mr. Shih writes:

Which CMS should I focus on next?

I list exactly 30 different content management systems at my site under the "CMS Focus" banner here at  My list does not necessarily include the top CMS out there, but those CMS that I currently find of interest.  A few of the applications I currently list have dropped off my radar scope and no longer impress me as a CMS I want to spend my time taking about.  So I'm currently looking at replacing a few of the CMS I have listed with other applications.

Quoting IT: Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu Linux

"In the digital world, I think we have the inverse effect, where something that is shared can become more valuable than something that is closely held, as long as it is both shared and contributed to by everybody who is sharing in it."

- Mark Shuttleworth, Founder of Ubuntu Linux; Excerpt from "The Grill: Mark Shuttleworth", Computerworld, June 11, 2007

Search, Zen, and Zengine

Here at, I use a slightly modified version of the Zen theme.  Jeff Robbins is currently working on expanding his ideas via a series of default templates and variables added for the PHPTemplate engine.  This work is currently under the project name Zengine. recently underwent a new site design using Zengine and I guess there has been a number of comments for the site's new search tab.   Lucky for us, Mr.

Same version of mojoPortal supporting once again .Net and Mono

Since most of the Web applications I run these days is on PHP I will fully admit that I don't know much about .Net and Mono applications.  However, I can recognize good news when I hear that it.  mojoPortal under a new version number can once again support more both the .Net and Mono platforms.  For developers and users of mojoPortal, life just got a little simpler.