Kickstarting your SEO content strategy: the secrets of success no one has told you before

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Kickstarting your SEO content strategy: the secrets of success no one has told you before

Thu, 05/10/2018 - 05:55

How can searchable content and social media likes, mentions and shares improve your content marketing strategy? Here's how.

There was once a time when everything was simple and certain in the world of content. Then came the death of Black Hat SEO and the dawn of pro content marketers. This marked the rise of White Hat SEO and innumerable algorithm updates. B2B companies started releasing content and blog posts in bulk that targeted trending keywords that sent the new-age content writers and website owners teetering for visibility. The realm of content marketing became grim and full of ups-and-downs.

The present reality of content marketing and SEO writing involves lots of hard work. The goal is to attract search engine spiders, utilize the crawl budget smartly and at the same time show up on relevant SERPs for the human users. Nonetheless, it would be wrong to say that success is an impossibility here. Creating good SEO content that converts requires research and pertinence to the current search trends. More than 42% of the B2B marketers and over 48% of the B2B marketers publish new content more than once a week. Over 26% of the B2B marketers publish more than once per week. However, it would be foolish to believe that publishing multiple content pieces per week can make up for poor quality or the lack of originality of content. So, here’s how you can maintain your SEO content strategy that converts.

How to find the perfect topics for your SEO content?

Every business needs a target audience. A local business might want to grab the attention of residents, who provide a sound customer base. The selection of the topics and the leading keywords will depend on the kind of people you are targeting, and your business wants to reach out to in the near future. You can take help from your business WordPress blogs and other free blog hosting platforms.

Getting new ideas for your SEO content strategy is not difficult. You can follow other leading bloggers, magazines and review websites from your niche for getting ideas to create unique and interesting content. However, simply rewriting content is not going to win you any favors with the crowd. You need to use targeted keywords. It is time to invest in solid keyword research, preferably with the help of a professional SEO team. You can find out more about keyword research strategies at Kick Media SEO Brisbane. You could, of course, turn to keyword research tools, but knowing your competitors and the search trends from a professional, will give you an edge.

You need to focus on different forms of content as well. Including videos, infographics, images, and Q&As will help you increase your conversion rates. Brand expansion can also lead to the generation of a larger email list for a better reach. So, get going today! Start with great keyword research, content topic ideas and captivating headlines that will command clicks from your target users.

How to create captivating headlines?

Did you think we would ask you to create attention-grabbing headers and leave you to do it all by yourself? We know how difficult it can be for any writer/team. SEO content headlines do not need to be very fancy; they need to be interested evoking. A bad headline can sabotage your article's visibility. Headlines are the deciding factor for every content piece or new blog post your website releases since almost 73% of your potential buyers will make their decision after coming in touch with the headline.

Each day we spend on the internet dillydallying over our decision to optimize our SEO content, the number of competing for blog posts is increasing by 2 million. In fact, that is just the number of conventional blogs per 24 hours, in addition to the blogs there are about 864,000 hours of video on the internet, you need to reckon with every day. Yes, when you think about just your immediate niche, the numbers will be much lower, but even then the frequency of posts will be large enough command immediate action. The only way to stand out in a crowd of similar content belonging to the same niche is by crafting enrapturing headlines for your posts.

How to craft smart and readable content?

When you write, you cannot drone on and on about a topic. You need to structure it so that it invokes curiosity and interest in the reader. Studies show that readers do not like to spend more than 15 seconds on the internet reading website content. Therefore, you need to create easily scannable content. Keep a lot of subheads, bullet points, infographics and images to complement the message you are trying to send. This will not only help you drive the readers to the next step of your funnel, but it will also help the readers feel more satisfied with your website.

The best way to keep the readers on board for the long haul is to revisit the tonality of your content. Switch from a formal and narrative tone to a more friendly and conversational tone. Writing informally will help you increase your engagement and boost your conversion rates. Write in a simple language without delving too much into niche jargons if you are targeting a common reader. Many B2B platforms can afford to use technical language since they target other businesses in the same field, which are well aware of the technical jargons.

Good SEO content marketing needs to appeal to your human readers at an emotional level and the bots at a technical level. Always remember to keep it interesting enough for your human readers and relevant enough for the search engine bots at the same time. You have better chances of increasing your website dwell time when you lead with a story-telling tone.

Where to include the CTA?

Call to Actions are the eponymous part of your website content. Whether it is a B2B blog or a simple website content, you need to prompt your readers to act. In real life, we might be our boss, and we might detest it when others tell us what to do, but research shows that subconsciously, website visitors prefer being guided by websites. Do not leave to many open-ended questions or contradicting options for your readers. Always use converging content that drives them to the end of the sales funnel very gradually.

Contrary to what most content marketing firms and SEO teams might try to tell you, we always insist on placing a strong CTA when the emotions are running high. As you must already know, content needs to evoke human emotions and “play” on them a little to become un-put-downable. Now, when your content is at its relevant best, you need to insert a CTA so there is no chance your visitor or reader will miss it.

Creating great content is indeed difficult, and this gives you more of a reason to make the very best of it. So, while you are there writing a content, publishing it and promoting it, you also need to add effective CTAs. What is the point of spending 6-8 hours laboring to create a piece of content that does not convert? If you do not add a call-to-action, it does not give you enough reason to blame your readers or visitors.

How to adopt a reader-friendly format?

The visibility of your CTA and the key points of your content will depend on the format of your content, in general. Your SEO content needs to captivate the attention of every impatient reader (or should we call them scanners, since almost 80% of them merely scan the content rather than read it). People are always only one click away from turning away from your website and finding a new omnibus of content on some other domain.

Aside from the different types of content, we have discussed before; you need to implement a content level hierarchy to help your readers scan your post. This will not improve your technical SEO, but it will contribute to your site metrics significantly. It might feel increasingly annoying in the beginning to think that your reader may read less than 200 words of your 1200-word post, but you must remember that for some websites and blogs, the bounce rates are much higher. Your target should be to improve on your KPIs because initially, the competition needs to be with your old self.

The take-home message

Content marketing is not only about creating the perfect SEO content. It is also about promoting your content on the right platforms. Social media likes, mentions and shares will improve your business SEO significantly. Once your SEO content efforts begin to show, you can post your unique content on guest blogs. At the same time, do not forget to work on your inbound links, outbound links and internal links to cement your SEO content strategy. You must also remember that SEO content is no longer about search engine traffic exclusively, it is also about appealing to your human readers who might be looking for your services or products right now.