OSC: Amy Stephen's 5,000th post in the Joomla! Community Forum

Amy Stephen, site leader for Open Source Community, submitted her 5,000th post in the Joomla! Community Forum. The Joomla! community makes a big deal out of these type of achievements and we've covered some of their milestones in the past. You know what? It's hard not to celebrate someone else's contributions to open source communities. Congratulations to Amy!

Amy Stephen's 5,000th post in the Joomla! Community Forum

Drupal shopping carts: Ubercart and e-Commerce module still the way to go

In 2006, I helped bring a friend's Fish and Tackle store online using open source osCommerce. The project was ugly in both appearance and code as I was merging a legacy site with an SMF forum together with the osCommerce software. As I indicated back then, while osCommerce was functional I was not pleased with the software. I kept on thinking how much easier this project would have been if I had used what I consider as modern CMS's.

Quoting IT: Prisoners of Legacy

"We’re now at the point where the most innovative technology for users really is being created in the nonbusiness space. Corporate IT has become the prisoner of legacy technology, and the result isn’t just stodginess — we’re missing out on innovation that could make our users more productive, more effective and more successful."

--Frank Hayes, "Prisoners of Legacy", ComputerWorld, January 7, 2008

Spreading the Word

I really like the advice Global Moxie has given their users for how best to promote their content management system, Big Medium. In their blog post, Psst... Pass It On! Spreading the Word about Big Medium, they talk about various way users can "spread the word" about Big Medium. They show a good understanding for how online communities work, including what you shouldn't do when marketing a product via a blog or forum.

Don’t be a zealot

New e107 version for the New Year

A new version of e107 has been released, e107 0.7.11. There is also a hint that it's time to think about version 0.8! If you haven't tried e107 for a while, I encourage you to do so!

During my tenure as a judge in 2007 for Packt Publishing, I surprisingly ranked e107 as number two in the Overall Winner category. Given the final outcome, the other judges didn't agree with me...but I stand by my position. e107 is an open source content management system worthy of your consideration.

New year ... new e107 version - The e107 team is proud to present the latest release of e107, version 0.7.11.