Tech Disappointments

PC World recently released their list of the 15 biggest disappointments of 2007. Two of the items on that list didn't surprise me, but two other items were shocking to see on the list but in reflection absolutely true.

I wasn't surprised to see that both Apple's "Leopard" OS 10.5 (#8) and Microsoft's Windows Vista (#1) on the list. I've been talking about my disappointment on the state of the computer desktop for sometime now. I'm just glad to see others have noticed the problem so I don't look like Mr. Glum to everyone.

However, I was surprised to see two content management system related items that made the list.

Optimizing Xoops, its modules and your server

Recently posted at was a how-to for optimizing XOOPS on your server.

Optimizing Xoops, its modules and your server - Sometimes, people are telling that Xoops is rather slow and it can be true but there are ways to improve things.

Instant Zero is in charge to maintain some websites using Xoops, so we decided to share with you our knowledge in this domain and we hope that you will find it useful.

I loved my Commodore 64

As a teenager in the 1980's, I mowed lawns for three reasons. I mowed lawns to save money for college. I mowed lawns for spending money on the weekends. Finally, I mowed lawns to buy the Commodore Vic-20 and eventually I purchased the Commodore 64. I was neither envious of the school's Apple II's nor my neighbor's TI-99/4A. I had a Commodore 64 and I was cool even before geeks were cool.

John Newton: A Manifesto for Social Computing in the Enterprise

John Newton has written a fantastic summary regarding social computing (or is it social networking or social content management) and its role in the enterprise. The post is titled, A Manifesto for Social Computing in the Enterprise.

I plan to talk about Newton's post and social networking at a later date. Howerver, there isn't any reason why you shouldn't be able to read Newton's post now. Consider it homework for a later visit here at

Emojo extends Affino NX eBusiness Suite with Social Content Management

Markus Karlsson, CEO of Emojo, sent CMS Report an e-mail regarding extending social content management features into their "eBusiness Suite", Affino. In the e-mail he says:

We’re launching the Social Content Management edition of the Affino eBusiness Suite (please see details below). It has a number of tailored social content management, social media, social networking and social promotions elements essential for managing socially lead sites. These are quite different from traditional web and enterprise CM capabilities so may be of interest to you.

If you could give us feedback or a mention then that would be greatly appreciated.

I'm short on time for doing any type of review or give any meaningful feedback on this CMS. However, I have posted below the press release he sent attached to the e-mail. Also, you can check out the new features in the latest release of Affino at Finally, if you have used Affino before, I would be interested in hearing what you have to say about it via the comments section.

The Google Highly Open Participation Contest

I have not had time to talk about Google's Highly Open Participation Contest. Luckily, Amy Stephen posted a good article about the contest at Open Source Community which I encourage you to read. In the article, she talks about the positives of this program for both the high school age coders as well as the open source communities involved.

As Amy mentions in her article, Google invited ten Open Source projects, including Apache Software Foundation, Drupal, GNOME, Joomla!, MoinMoin, Mono, Moodle, Plone, Python and SilverStripe to participate. In Google's own words this is what they have to say about their program: