What are Progressive Web App Features, Benefits & Capabilities?

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What are Progressive Web App Features, Benefits & Capabilities?

Tue, 10/01/2019 - 16:36

Progressive web apps or PWAs are becoming mainstream with each passing day. PWAs offer native app experience through a browser without the need for any installation. In simple words, PWAs can be considered the combination of mobile apps and websites and offer the best of both worlds. You can just add a PWA to your home screen and use it as an app.

Progressive web applications have some distinct features which vary with native apps and help them offer optimum web experience. Some of the essential features of PWAs include:

  • Web App Manifest: The web manifest is a regular JSON file that contains the WPA’s metadata. The developer can use the manifest to control the appearance and launching of the PWA.
  • Employs HTTPs: Secure by Default: WPAs exchange information and data over a secure HTTPs connection to prevent any unauthorized intrusion.
  • Registered Service Worker with Fetch Event Handler: Service worker enables PWAs to provide capabilities like push notifications, background syncing, offline working and more. It is essentially a JavaScript file that responds to user interactions.
  • Works Offline: PWAs utilize caching to load instantly on repeat visits. Some content resides in the device while the dynamic content is refreshed on each visit. PWAs can provide the basic functionality without the need of internet.
  • Fast by Design: It takes far less time to develop PWAs compared to native apps. You don’t need to know any special language and can rely on your HTML, CSS and JavaScript knowledge to develop a PWA.
  • Integrated with Platform: You will never need to worry about platforms in the case of PWAs. They will work on all devices and platforms as they are made with responsive web principles. iOS is also on the way to provide support for PWAs in a short time. 

Why Go for Progressive Web Apps?

Why Go for Progressive Web Apps?

Progressive web apps offer a host of advantages over websites and native apps which make them profitable for businesses. Here are a few benefits you can enjoy - 

Higher User Engagement

PWAs are better to engage your users because of their ease of use, speed of access and frequency of use. PWAs are also added to the home screen by default and increase engagement, as 80% mobile users intentionally shift apps to home screen.     


PWAs help you save costs on several grounds by-

  • Using web stack for development
  • Having a single app developed for all platforms
  • Eliminating steep cuts and fees charged by app stores

Minimum Installation Friction

Each step to install an app reduces the number of users by 20%. PWAs eliminate the need for installation and are ideal for retaining your users. 

Easy to Deploy

You don’t need to meet strict app store guidelines or standards in the case of PWAs. You can just deploy your web application architecture at will whenever you need!

Simple Updates

A progressive web applications can be updated easily without concerns of software fragmentation or incompatible devices. Users can always enjoy updated solutions without being prompted to accept multiple permissions.

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