Taking a look at the Agility March 2013 Release

On my to-do list for quite some time has been wanting to talk briefly about some of the new features included in the latest release of Agility CMS. You may recall that CMS Report migrated over to Agility's Magazine Publishing Suite last Fall. So, keeping up to date on new features added to Agility CMS is not only a news story but also something of personal interest to me.

Some of the more significant new features included in the Agility March 2013 release are:

  • Addition of the Form Builder module: This module provides an easy way for Agility users to add and customize forms to the website. These forms can be used on the website to create such pages as a "contact us" page, contest submissions, and testimonials. Form data can either be stored in UGC as submitted data or be sent as an Email (I'll have to find out if it can do both). A Form Builder tutorial is available on the Agility Developer website.
  • Agility Top Navigation: Agility users with the Administrator role can now choose to adjust the position of links in the top navigation bar as well as create custom links that point to any URL. This is especially useful to create shortcuts to Pages, Modules, or Content Lists directly.
  • Moving files in Media & Documents: Update to allow users to move files within the Media & Documents section. You will want to note that moving folders to a new location will change the path to the files within that folder and break links within the site.
  • Ability to use the same URL for two different channels: This was a special request made by CMS Report. We wanted to make sure regardless of which device you viewed our website from (mobile, tablet, desktop) you could reach the same article using a single URL. This request was in response to Google encouraging websites that dynamically serve all devices on the same set of URLs, but each URL serves different HTML (and CSS) depending on whether the user agent is a desktop or a mobile device. For details on why this is important, see Google's web development page on Building Smartphone-Optimized Websites.
  • Media and Documents: Updated location of edit and delete buttons for folders.
  • Complex Passwords on CMS Login: Users with Administrator permissions can now set password requirements for users logging into the CMS.

For a complete list of the updates included in this release of Agility, check out the Agility March 2013 Full Release Notes. Agility's Joel Varty has also provided a summary of the updates via a video which I've included below.