6 Ways Mobile Marketers are Using Social Media

It’s no secret that social media is a tremendous tool for keeping in contact with friends and family. Businesses have quickly picked up on just how effective it can be for marketing purposes as well, particularly mobile marketing. More people are connected to the internet than ever before, and mobile platforms are driving that explosive growth. In fact, internet traffic on mobile devices is expected to exceed the internet traffic on desktops soon. Much of that internet use is geared towards social media outlets, so mobile marketers are finding new ways to use social media to reach new customers and inform existing fans.

New Mobile Ads

Mobile advertising has been around for a while, but marketers have only just begun to really test the waters of social media. Some recent examples include the in-stream ads found on Instagram, Twitter’s promoted tweets, and the advertising found on Facebook news feeds. Mobile advertising on these and other social media outlets is expected to grow over the coming years, only the formats will likely become more innovative and interactive. Gone will be the days of the now boring, ineffective banner ads.

Better Customer Interaction

When somebody follows a business on Facebook or Twitter, they expect a level of interaction beyond the usual reminder of special offers or product information. Businesses that go the extra mile in fostering creative customer interaction will increase their chances of keeping the customer interested and engaged. One excellent example of this level of customer interaction comes from domain registrar company Namecheap, which regularly engages with fans on Twitter by posting trivia questions along with giveaway contests. This blend of business and fun may not only lead to more followers for mobile marketers to engage with, it creates more brand loyalty.

Doing Good on Social Media

Another method mobile marketers are using to attract followers to a brand is having a consistent focus on social good. People on social media love feel-good stories. Those are the stories that they’re also very likely to share with their friends. If a business is showing how they’re always giving back to the community, they’re more likely to get some positive attention. That good reputation can go further than even a closely target advertising campaign.

Visual Content is Key

Since more people are checking their social media profiles on mobile devices, marketers have needed to find ways to reach them on smaller screens. That means content needs to focus on simplicity, and sometimes there’s no simpler way to convey a message than through visuals. Visuals can come in many different types including pictures, GIFs, infographics, or videos. While text can certainly be informative, it can also be pretty boring. Mobile marketers need to capture a customer’s attention in an instant, and the best way to do that is visually. Social media has certainly adopted this trend, especially for mobile video content. The Vine mobile video platform is currently part of Twitter, and videos on Instagram have gained in popularity. This trend is only expected to continue to grow, with the amount of mobile video ad spending set to quadruple to more than $2 billion by 2016.

Big Data Explosion

Mobile marketers are taking advantage of the rapid spread of big data among mobile platforms and social media. Utilizing this data, companies can then target ads toward individual people or groups, creating a more personalized experience for customers. This capability is made all the more possible with flash storage. With faster processing times, more energy efficiency, and decreasing costs, many businesses are turning to flash storage vs. hard drive storage systems.

Employees on Social Media

Customers aren’t the only one with social media accounts; a company’s employees are likely heavily engaged on social media as well. Mobile marketers are taking advantage of this fact to get everyone working for the business involved in the social media strategy. Individual employees can use their own accounts to help promote content the business is putting out. Not only does this increase a piece of content’s reach, it increases the chances of people sharing that content with their own friends and followers.

The mobile device trend is only going to get bigger in the coming years. Customers will see a whole new level of interaction with businesses as companies and people become more connected through social media. Companies able to get in front of the trends and use social media for marketing purposes will find themselves well ahead of their competitors.