The XOOPS Project Council

To be honest, I've had problems getting excited in the past about XOOPS as a CMS or as an open source community.  There just didn't seem to be a whole lot of buzz about this CMS and I was seriously thinking about dropping it from my personal "top 30 list" found to the left under "CMS Focus". 

However, in recent weeks XOOPS as a community has been undergoing a rebirth of sorts.  There has not only been recognition by the project leaders that changes were needed for XOOPS but that they needed to help make those changes actually happen.  To further the groups goals, the XOOPS Project Council has been established.  On June 30, 2007 the XOOPS Council held its first meeting and discussed the following topics:

  1. Mission and tasks of the council.
  2. Project teams to finalize (mission and tasks).
  3. Tasks to be done soon.
  4. Membership and rules for the council.

Details on the discussion at that XOOPS council meeting can be found at the official XOOPS Website.  Best of luck to the XOOPS community with the changes ahead...and don't worry we'll still keep you under the CMS focus.