IE8 announcements lack substance

Absolutely disappointing. Everyone is waiting to hear what the new features will be in the next version of Internet Explorer 8 will have...and still no information out in the open. Microsoft, knows it has a trust issue with its customers...yet they have yet to learn that trust is built on good communication. This is what Microsoft's IEBloggers have to say:

Of course, some people care about other aspects of IE8 much more than they care about the name. As I’ve walked different people through the plan, I’ve gotten “Does it have feature X?” “When is the beta?” “When does it release” and even the more thoughtful “What are you trying to accomplish with this release?”

You will hear a lot more from us soon on this blog and in other places. In the meantime, please don’t mistake silence for inaction.

Asa Dotzler, probably said it best on his blog, "What your silence for the last 18 months of IE 8 development tells the Web developers of the world that you don't give a sh*t what they've got to say about it." However, I like what commenter "Dave" had to say about the announcement of the next IE being IE8:

Wow, *that* was poorly calculated. For months, interested parties (including former colleagues) have begged and pleaded Microsoft for information about IE8. Now, with everyone's attention and an opportunity to impress the web development community with substance, this blog instead opens with a substance-free post about product's upcoming name. Did I miss the joke, or was the joke on me?

This is all frustrating for me and others. We try to push the positives of Microsoft products in the enterprise...but aren't given any clues on the direction their products will be taking in the near future. Sigh, Linux for the desktop continues to look better and better...