XOOPS Foundation gets an official Web site

The XOOPS Foundation just announced that they have gone live with the XOOPS Foundation Web site.  The purpose of the site is to help bring transparency to its open source community on the role it hopes to play in the in the current and future directions of the XOOPS Project. 

This site will allow you to contact the XOOPS Foundation directly: in order to request support for XOOPS related projects (liaison, conferences, exhibitions, publicity, documentation, representation, and more). It will also allow you to donate to future XOOPS Foundation projects, to allow the continued support to the Community & Project.

In 2007 XOOPS has gone through an internal struggle to better define XOOPS as a project and a community.  All projects mature at some point where it must be asked whether the project is still as valid and worthwhile as it once was.  We wish them well in their endeavors.