Wordpress remains top blog platform

Royal Pingdom completed a survey looking at the top blog platforms of the top 100 blogs.  This survey mirrors other studies that I've read showing that Wordpress is king of the blog platform.

We found that Wordpress is the most-used platform among self-hosted blogs, which perhaps isn’t a huge surprise. It has more than twice as many blogs in the top 100 as Movable Type, the blog platform that came in second place.

  • Wordpress is used by 27 blogs in the top 100.

  • Movable Type is used by 12 blogs in the top 100.

  • Only 8 of the top 100 blogs use a custom-made blog platform.

  • Drupal is the only general-purpose CMS with any presence worth mentioning, with 4 blogs in the top 100.

Royal Pingdom also takes a look at the role of blog services and blogging networks in the top 100 blogs.  I personally prefer to run my own Web applications instead of relying on a blogging service.  I have nothing against the blogging services, it is just that I like to be in control.  Also, there is always a question of who really owns the content of your blog when using a blog service.  If you use a blog service, be sure you always read the "terms of use".  After reading the fine print, you might be surprised who really has the final say on your blog.