What Impact Do Google Algorithm Updates Have On SEO?

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What Impact Do Google Algorithm Updates Have On SEO?

Tue, 09/12/2017 - 16:47
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Business owners and webmasters have to rethink their strategies for SEO when there has been an update from Google. But do you know how to do it the right way?

Among various online sought after services, SEO or Search Engine Optimization clinches the highest demand these days. Everyone wants to find a professional and reliable SEO service provider so that his or her online business can flourish. Everyone wants to have professionally designed websites so that his or her online business platform looks good. However, at the same time, they know that having a good website is nothing if it has not been promoted in the right manner. For effective business promotion, you need SEO. However, SEO is not a simple thing to be described in a few words.

SEO is complicated, and with every update of Google, algorithm SEO becomes more complex as well as difficult subject to understand. Those, who have the technical knowledge and vast experience in the field of SEO, are only competent personnel to predict the impact of particular algorithm update of Google on SEO. An algorithm update can bring in a significant change in your SEO strategies. Before going into details of SEO strategies before and after Google's new algorithm update, we should understand the necessity as well as the essence of Google algorithm update first. Why is it important for Google to update its algorithm after certain time intervals? To find the answer to this question, we shall check the following section of the article.

So, Google has been used as a search engine throughout the world. It is also a business advertising platform for the business owners. Since people use Google to search various products or services or other information, business owners take this opportunity to showcase their goods or services that are relevant to the search terms of the users. For advertising, ethical SEO techniques should be used, though human beings always try to exploit the loopholes. People go for the black hat or unethical SEO methods to achieve advertising benefits. To stop spamming and other unethical activities, business owners should opt for effective SEO techniques.

General Impact of Google Algorithm Change

Webmasters or business owners adopt certain techniques to promote their business online. There are different methods of optimizing search engine page ranking. People need to understand those methods carefully. They need to analyze those practices, and then they need to implement those techniques. Not all methods fetch the right results, and this is why SEO has been regarded as a dynamic thing. There is nothing constant or fixed in the sphere of search engine optimization. With Google’s algorithm updates, things get even more complicated.

Business owners or webmasters have to rethink their strategies for SEO when there has been an update from Google. Now, the pity is that Google does not disclose what will be there in new algorithm. Since Google keeps it top secret, SEO becomes guesswork for many people. Different people try different strategies to achieve the best online business marketing results. That is where the need or essence of choosing a professional service provider for search engine optimization comes into the picture. The professional service provider has the experience to deal with new algorithm changes, and thus it assures the best results.

Things That Do Not Get Affected by Algorithm Changes

As we have read, with new algorithm change or update of Google, many changes in SEO strategies have to be made by the business owners. However, if you have experience with search engine optimization process, you probably know that a few things shall never change even with repeated algorithm updates from Google. What are those things? Why shall they not change? We shall try to find answers to these questions in the following section of this piece of writing.

Essence of Having Good Content

No matter how many algorithm changes take place in the near future, one thing is sure that content shall be going to remain the king. The need or essence of having good content will not fade out, and this is the most remarkable or notable thing about search engine optimization. If the content is copied or not unique, SEO result will not be satisfactory. If the contents are developed using tools, you shall not get the right results for sure. Using content curation tools could be effective in a few cases. But, it is necessary to use contents that retain freshness as well as uniqueness.

Contents are used in different ways for an SEO campaign. Primarily, there should be well-written contents at the main website or business website. There should be a careful use of keywords. Stuffing keywords or opting for mischievous ways of clinching attention of readers is entirely unethical. with precision. Apart from contents on the main website, webmasters will require contents for posting them at various blogs and article marketing sites. Make sure that you post the contents at trustworthy as well as useful websites.

Never Ever Try Spamming

Google updates its algorithm to pose stricter challenges against spamming actions. If you spam in the name of advertising, with new Google updates, you shall surely be caught and your website shall be suspended. So, in spite of significant changes in Google algorithm, spamming shall not get legitimacy from Google. In fact, Google makes its algorithm more robust to stop as well as block different ways of spamming.

Getting Quality External Links

SEO is often considered as the process of getting quality back links or external links for a website. It helps in website's ranking in the Google's search page. That seems to be an eternal thing, and Google shall always give high importance to the external links that have been generated from trusted websites.

SEO-friendly Web Interface

Despite Google's algorithm updates, you can continue with your strategy of having SEO-friendly website interface. It will continue helping your site tremendously. It will continue providing you the best website promotion campaigning results with perfection.

Author Bio: Derek Iwasiuk is the author of this article, and he is a professional webmaster. Having extensive knowledge in SEO, he can provide best suggestions on content curation tools and other SEO tools. Find his valuable advices on his articles.