A review of ReviewBasics

ReviewBasic Screenshot

Collaboration.  Everyone wants to do it better.  Collaboration.  Everyone wants to find that perfect online tool which can support needed communication necessary for good collaboration .  Collaboration.  Every company in the business wants to provide you their tool to help you make collaboration work for you.

Perhaps ReviewBasics might be just the communication tool you're looking for to meet your collaboration requirements.  Tim Shih, SharpStyle Labs, has been wanting me to take a look at their collaboration feedback tool, ReviewBasics.   Mr. Shih writes:

ReviewBasics is a collaboration feedback gathering platform which allows professionals across many industries to exchange ideas, gather thoughts, and review various types of creative, interactive, motion, and written content. We take a familiar, paper-based content review process and bring it online. Please visit our website at reviewbasics.com and you can demo our features.

Check out the “Demo” link on our homepage. This link lets you directly try out our images, website, documents, and video review technology. With ReviewBasics, designers, photographers, bloggers, and business professionals can utilize our technology and gather feedback from peers to improve work products.

So I finally took some time to take a look at SharpStyle Lab's new product which is currently in beta.  ReviewBasics allows for feedback on four types of "content pages": websites, images, documents and  videos.  The solutions the application are intended to provide are for creative and design, opinion research, film and video, and legal.

If the ReviewBasics demo is similar to the real thing, most people should find the application's user interface easy to work with as well as intuitive.  Within minutes I found myself providing feedback on the documentation I was reviewing.  If you do have difficulty figuring things out yourself you'll find that the application's "walkthrough" option provides a quick and helpful tutorial.    Many of the tools you use to provide feedback have been seen in other software applications but this may be the first time you've seen them using online software.  In  many ways, ReviewBasics is for collaboration as Google Earth is for maps.

One of the most impressive and unique features of ReviewBasic is the feedback capability for video content.  Unlike images or documentations where feedback is spatial, feedback for videos requires the ability to comment in both space and time.  So for example you're reviewing a 30 second video clip and you like everything but that one scene which flashes about 11 seconds into the video.  Well then all you need to do is pause the video on that scene and provide feedback right on the scene you wish to see changed or altered.  It's that easy.

So overall, what are my impressions of this application?  At my workplace, I've used a lot of collaboration tools and due to the number that I'm already using, I personally don't see myself adopting this tool.  More than likely I suspect ReviewBasics will interest mostly those people new to collaboration.  If you haven't used any collaboration tools before or you are unhappy with the collaboration tools you are currently using...I recommend you give ReviewBasics a try.  There are some nice things about ReviewBasics that might just tip the scale  for you to favor using this application in your daily business.