Optimizing Xoops, its modules and your server

Recently posted at XOOPS.org was a how-to for optimizing XOOPS on your server.

Optimizing Xoops, its modules and your server - Sometimes, people are telling that Xoops is rather slow and it can be true but there are ways to improve things.

Instant Zero is in charge to maintain some websites using Xoops, so we decided to share with you our knowledge in this domain and we hope that you will find it useful.

In this article, and in 5 points, you are going to see what you can do for your site.

The tips given discuss how to make tweaks to your server, XOOPS, the database, files used, and the CSS to help optimize your XOOPS site. As usual, some of these same techniques can be applied to more than just one content management system.