Nick Sergeant's Tutorial: Drupal Revision Control with CVS and Subversion

Except for some Python programming, I've done very little software development this decade with most of my efforts in the 80's and 90's (BASIC, Pascal, Perl, Tcl, etc). Those that know me know I've wanted to dig more into PHP and Ruby, but I have been distracted by one sorry excuse after another.

For work and my status as a Drupal Developer Wannabe I've also been making the effort to learn more about revision control. One issue I have is that at work the consensus has been to use Subversion for version control while the Drupal community prefers CVS. It shouldn't be too difficult to master both version control systems, but for whatever reason my brain cells in that department haven't switched on.

Luckily, I just came across a nice how-to tutorial by Nick Sergeant (first time I've come across his name too).

After reading the Pro Drupal Development book, and becoming a recent Subversion junkie, I’ve learned to do all of my Drupal and Contributed Module management through a combination of CVS and Subversion.

Through this post, I’m going to attempt to take you through all of the steps of managing your Drupal installation as well as any contributed modules you may need to utilize.

The tutorial is called, Painless Drupal revision control with CVS and Subversion. This how-to by Nick Sergeant should be a big help for the Drupal Developer Wannabe that would like to or needs to do their work in Subversion and not CVS. As I'm no expert, if you see any corrections that need to be made to the tutorial, please leave a comment over at Nick's blog.