Mambo 4.6.3 Released

Mambo 4.6.3 was released earlier today in recent weeks. Besides the usual security improvements and bug fixes, this version of Mambo came with some new enhancements. Some of the more notable enhancements in Mambo 4.6.3 include:

  • Mostlyce upgraded to 2.4
  • Mostlydbadmin upgraded to 1.5
  • Geshi upgraded to
  • Enhanced editor initializing
  • Enhanced weblinks component, so the target param is not confusing anymore
  • Some XHTML compliance work
  • Added option to block the blocked users in the mass email
  • Module buffering
  • Search feature in language manager
  • Compressed js and css files for improved performance

For more details about the changes brought by Mambo 4.6.3, please see the original announcement.