Mailbag: Dwibbles for Social Media Management

Ever since social media and social networks have gone mainstream, our digital lives have become complicated. There are a number of social media management tools already out on the market that aim to give users the tools they need to better mange, filter, and prioritize the content they read from their favorite blogs and social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Almost all these tools fall short of their intended goals and why I'm always on the lookout for something better to come along. 

Dwibbles LogoIn the CMS Report mailbag, we have an email from Eric Santos, co-founder of a new social media management tool called Dwibbles. I've only taken a brief look at Dwibbles. My first impressions is that Dwibbles is still in the early stages of getting you where you want to go with it. However, Eric and his team knows this and I appreciate Eric's enthusiasm in wanting to tackle this problem. I think if Eric and company can find a way for me to combine the content I read from social media, news feeds, and my favorite blogs into something better organized and manageable then I would forever be grateful. After reading his email, I plan to maintain my watch on the evolution of Dwibbles and be forever hopeful.

An excerpt of the email we received July 2013 from Eric Santos, co-founder of Dwibbles:

My name is Eric Santos and I am the co-founder of Dwibbles. I recently discovered CMS Report over Twitter, and I think it's a great resource for content management software. I would like to use this opportunity to tell you about my startup Dwibbles, which we launched in April.

Dwibbles is an easy way to manage all your social media accounts and receive a relevant news-feed based on your interest. Dwibbles is smart. Over time, Dwibbles learns what's important to you by detecting the topics and people you follow the most. Whatever you're in to, Dwibbles will understand what and who you find interesting and make sure you never miss out! Dwibbles allows users to digest their everyday content intake (social feeds, news, media, etc) as well as manage their social media accounts from one easy to use platform.

Dwibbles is based out of Fresno, CA. Dwibbles was founded by myself and Ken Koontz. Ken and I met while working together for a survey software company. Ken comes from a background of software development and I come from an entrepreneurial background and founded Soshowise, and online marketplace for live expert advice. Dwibbles has a great board of advisers including John Ricci (Founder of U.S. Angel Investors), Jonah Lupton (Founder of, Sean Fullop (Computational Linguistics Professor at CSUF), and Jeff Macon (Project Manager at the Lyles Center of Entrepreneurship).

Our team choose to work on this idea because it was a pain our team experienced. Ken doesn’t  post a lot on his social media accounts, but he follows a large number of people and publications. He was noticing that he was missing out on the content he felt that was most “relevant” to him. I may not follow a large number of people, but I am constantly promoting my business and sharing content across all my social media accounts. I felt there should be an easier way to share content across services.  We both noticed that half of the information we were receiving on our social media accounts was of little interest to us or in some instances, just plain garbage. While the content we actually wanted to see, more often than not, got missed. There is too much information and not enough time to consume it. The solution is a platform that brings your relevant information together.

Building this “solution” is exactly what we did. Dwibbles is currently in BETA. We soft launched in April 2013 and received 100 users our first month and have a little over 300 users at the moment. A lot of our users are early adopters and they have been having using our feedback system to give us feed and recommendations. We currently have users in over 7 countries. Currently we are marketing our product using social media outreach, paid facebook advertisements, new outlets, and promotional help from our advisers. We are currently experience significant growth each month. Our social media following has been steadily growing and we have over 600 followers on twitter and 700 fans on facebook, with an average of 30 people talking about us a month. We are working on some really cool innovative things in our v2 that we would like to share with you.