Elgg 1.8.12 Released with Dual License Compatible Code

Brett Profitt recently posted on the Elgg Blog that Elgg 1.8.12 has been released. Elgg is an open source social networking engine that provides a robust framework on which to build all kinds of social environments. Elgg can be found in a number of settings from campus wide social network to internal collaborative platform for small and large organizations alike.

Elgg LogoElgg 1.8.12 has been released with numerous bugfixes and improvements. Enhancements in this release of Elgg include:

  • Performance improvements and improved caching in entity loading.
  • Added upgrade locking to prevent concurrent upgrade attempts.
  • Replaced xml_to_object() and autop() with GPL / MIT-compatible code.
  • Error messages (register_error()) only fade after being clicked.
  • Groups: Added a sidebar entry to display membership status and a link to group notification settings.
  • Groups: Added pending membership and invitation requests to the sidebar.
  • Groups: Better redirection for invisible and closed groups.
  • Search: User profile fields are searched.
  • Pages: Subpages can be reassigned to new parent pages.
  • Twitter: Login with twitter supports persistent login and correctly forwards after login.

Elgg is free to download and use. The Elgg software is dual licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2 as published by the Free Software Foundation and the MIT License. Profitt points out on his blog that out that of special interest to users who are looking to use Elgg under the MIT license, the developers have replaced all code that prevented the dual license and will release an MIT version of Elgg 1.8.12 soon. In the future, this will be a single download of Elgg that covers both licenses.