June 2013

New Magnolia CMS 5.0 Focused on Mobile

Magnolia International announced today the release of Magnolia CMS 5.0, the new generation of its open Java content management system (CMS). Magnolia 5 features a mobile-inspired, HTML5 user interface that is intended to be as easy to use on the desktop as it is on a smartphone. With Magnolia 5, full CMS functionality if provided for both desktop and tablet computers.

Alfresco and Acquia to form strategic partnership

Alfresco and Acquia announced today a strategic partnership to deliver business critical content applications to their customers.With this relationship, Acquia builds on Alfresco’s open platform to extend the web experience applications that enable customers to quickly build content applications that span traditional documents, structured editorial workflows and dynamic multi-channel delivery. The combination is expected to give customers the freedom to combine content, community and commerce capabilities into unified digital experiences in order to drive business results.

CMS-Connected Video on Demand: iAPPS and Web Governance

On my "to-do list" is a mention of the availability of my In the Spotlight segment online as well as the rest of the May 2013 CMS-Connected show. One of the nice things about participating on this show with hosts Tyler Pyburn and Scott Liewehr is the chance to get to spread my wings to new CMS territory. Specific to this show, I had the opportunity to review Bridgeline Digital's iAPPS Product Suite for the very first time.

Quoting IT: Bureaucratic and Centralized Control of IT has Negatives

"The real problem we're up against is not technology, it's that management DNA in companies.... When you concentrate the responsibility for innovation at the top, you're holding your capacity to change hostage. It disempowers the little people."

- Gary Hamel, quoted by Lucas Mearian, The next corporate revolution will be power to the peons, Computerworld, June 4, 2013.

CEO Corner: Analyzing the CMS Analysts: Which one is right for you?

Those of you who have been in the content management industry a while will remember the CMS Watch report. I’m not sure when I first heard of it, but I think it was at an AIIM conference in 2005. I remember thinking that if we could just get Agility into that report, we would have it made. Looking back, it’s amazing to see how many of the systems that ranked well in 2005 are either gone or no longer relevant.

Movable Type 5.2.6 Features Four Brand New Functions

Today, developers announced the availability of Movable Type 5.2.6 and 5.15. The Movable Type 5.2.6 release offers fixes for bugs found after the release of version 5.2.3 and features four brand new functions. At the same time, Movable Type 5.15 also have been released. This update also includes fixes for bugs found in Movable Type EZ versions 5.2.4 and 5.2.5.