April 2013

CEO Corner: Choosing a CXM Solution - Best of Breed or All-in-One Suite?

Editor's Note: Petr Palas, founder and CEO of Kentico software, lets his voice be heard to in this week's CEO Corner. In this article, he provides rebuttal to an earlier CEO Corner written by Agility's Michael Assad. Where Assad favors a "best of breed" approach and questions the validity of CXM, Palas believe the future is in fully integrated CXM solutions. Which CEO is right? We'll let you decide...

Taking a look at the Agility March 2013 Release

On my to-do list for quite some time has been wanting to talk briefly about some of the new features included in the latest release of Agility CMS. You may recall that CMS Report migrated over to Agility's Magazine Publishing Suite last Fall. So, keeping up to date on new features added to Agility CMS is not only a news story but also something of personal interest to me.

Some of the more significant new features included in the Agility March 2013 release are:

Flash CMS provider MotoCMS introduces CMS for HTML

MotoCMS, which has previously been a well known provider of the Flash CMS, has just announced the release of their new MotoCMS for HTML along with a bunch of complete HTML website solutions for easy development and management. The new web solutions with the integrated MotoCMS HTML are already available on a specially created pre-release page landed on the official MotoCMS website.

Drupal 7.22 introduces some minor API/feature improvements

For the past few years, CMS Report has generally not posted CMS announcements for new releases which only contained bug fixes and no new additional features. So, it's been rare for us to post the "point" release announcements for Drupal as Drupal only introduces significant new features in the new full version of Drupal (such as the forthcoming Drupal 8). However, Drupal 7.22 contains a lot of minor changes so we thought it was worth talking about.

Drupal, MODX: Open Source Communities, Vendors, and Giving Back

This week, I received an email from some marketing folks that Acquia was announcing they are open sourcing their mobile application code for posting content to Drupal sites. For those that don't know, Acquia is a commercial open source software company that provides products, services, and technical support for Drupal.

CMS Expo 2013 Coming to Chicago this May

The calendar is moving fast toward one of my favorite content management focused conferences, the CMS Expo which is hosted every year in Evanston, Illinois (near Chicago). This year, the conference will be held on the 14th, 15th, and 16th of May once again at the Hilton Orrington Hotel. This event is billed as a "Learning & Business" conference showcasing some of the world's leading content management systems and the people who power them.

CMS-Connected Video: MODX, Mobile and Social eCommerce

The recording video of the March 26th CMS-Connected show is now available online. CMS-Connected is a monthly webcast featuring news, trends and commentary related to the content management industry. In this particular show the focus was on mobile and social eCommerce with much of that discussion including Gabe Sumner from Sitefinity. I also participated as a guest on the show discussing my impressions of MODX  during the "In the Spotlight" segment.