Simplifying the Benefits of Cloud Computing

There has been a lot of talk about big data recently, especially big data in the cloud. Often times both of these points — big data and cloud computing — are confusing to people. Fortunately, while they might be confusing elements to them, the essence of each of them is very simple, and when put together they form a very powerful combination. Cloud computing is the future, both for individuals and businesses. That being said, there’s a lot of confusion about how cloud computing works and what it can do for businesses and if it’s really safe or not.

Put simply, cloud computing is when companies and individuals store their data online and not on a hard drive. It’s used at both big data levels and individual levels. Cloud computing has been an especially hot topic because of the different data breaches that have occurred recently with eBay and Target, among others. Is any of our information safe? Yes it is. And the failure of these companies doesn’t directly correlate with the safety of your information stored in the cloud.

It’s important to note that companies like eBay and Target don’t make money from how secure they keep your data (although they certainly would be better off if they kept your information safe). They make money from selling you stuff and the information they gather is secondary to that. It’s not their primary priority and because of that it’s more likely that breaches will occur. However, companies that specialize in cloud storage, especially companies that provide big data in the cloud services, are in business based on their ability to keep your information safe, while still making it easily accessible. Your security concerns should be significantly lower with these companies. They have the best available protection and are monitoring your info 24/7. The security they have instituted is stronger, by far, than you as a company or individual could implement.

Two huge benefits of cloud computing that coincide are the ease of use and accessibility.

Ease of Use

Computing in the cloud is extremely easy, especially because of how much is already done by the cloud company. You can automatically sync everything to the cloud and you don’t have to constantly worry about it or monitor it. That’s all taken care of by the cloud company. The accessibility is also very convenient. You no longer have to worry about saving a file and then emailing it to yourself or other business partners, or saving it on a flash drive or transferring it to another device. When your data is stored in the cloud you have access to it all the time. It doesn’t matter which device you may be using, you can still get to it. It’s especially important for those times when you need information that you hadn’t previously anticipated needing. It’s great for big data too, because it means those who need to access the information in the cloud, for whatever reason can do so from wherever they may be. It’s not only available on site, or through the CTO.


The space availability in the cloud is another extremely handy feature. With cloud computing you don’t have to worry about installing costly infrastructure or using precious hard drive space on your computer or maxing out your phone or tablet’s memory. You also don’t have to worry about the negative performance effects that happen when you have your servers, computer or device loaded with information. This is one of the biggest positives to big data in the cloud. There’s so much space, you really have unlimited abilities. The cloud scales to whatever your storage needs are.


Last, but certainly not least, are the cost implications of cloud computing. Especially in big data computing, there are enormous benefits to using big data in the cloud. The startup costs are significantly cheaper because there’s no costly infrastructure to worry about and there’s no team of professionals that has to be hired. It’s taken care of by the cloud company.

Big data in the cloud and cloud computing in general are the future of computing and storage. The earlier you adopt it the more ahead you’ll be in the future. Security will increase, cost will decrease and the ease of use will continue to grow. Cloud computing is easier, cheaper, more efficient and safer.