Mailbag: An introduction to ProcessWire

While I try to do my best to cover some of the big names in content management systems, I think the best part about CMS Report is it has introduced to both you and me web applications that are just starting to become known to the CMS world.

Ryan Cramer recently introduced me to a relatively new CMS called ProcessWire. Ryan is so passionate about this CMS that he would like to now grow both the user base and the open source community behind ProcessWire. In Ryan's own words:

I'm a regular reader of your Twitter feed (which I enjoy a lot, so thanks for doing it).

I've been designing and developing CMSs for about 10 years now, and specialize in large scale content management solutions for several companies throughout the US. I recently released an open source CMF/CMS project called ProcessWire.  As a user of multiple CMS platforms, I built this tool to be one that fills my own needs where other products don't, and I think it's fairly unique in several aspects (especially with regard to the API).

I'd like to grow the user base with the goal of getting more people involved in the project itself. Now that we've gone past the developer preview stage, I'm starting to look at how to get the word out...


ProcessWire 2.0 is very similar in look and function to Dictator CMS (2003) and ProcessWire 1.0 (2007), both of which are still in use on many sites today. Despite intentions to do so, neither product was ever released open source, except for the projects the author used it with. ProcessWire 2.0 is the first GNU/GPL licensed version, and it is architecturally stronger than the CMSs that preceded it.

A number of  sites have already been developed with ProcessWire including such sites such as Lost River Winery,, Island Hideaways. Honestly, I was impressed with the design quality and functionality of the sites developed with ProcessWire.

All in all, if you're bored with your current CMS or looking for something different I think you should look at this most promising CMS, ProcessWire.