Magento Extension: Set up an Easy Hotel Booking Version 2.0

Create an efficient hotel booking website using Hotel Booking Software. This Hotel booking module is designed with advantageous features for setting up a well proficient reservation system, featuring multiple payment methods, multiple languages, support and compatibility over multiple browsers. And also, this extension is accompanied by an appealing hotel booking theme which is designed especially for online hotel booking service with banner (with slideshow effect), customized blocks and options to place advanced search and display products.

 Hotel Reservation System

General features:

  • Free Installation, Easy-to-setup, cost-effective, and well documented user guide
  • Excellent reservation system for hotel bookings powered with vital Magento features and security aspects
  • Easy to install and use with new Magento stores or any existing Magento store (compatible with Magento 1.5.x, Magento 1.6.x and Magento 1.7.x) Tested and validated on all widely used browsers
  • An innovatively designed default "Hotel Booking" template which is well structured with tableless design, and commented HTML & CSS
  • Developed with Prototype-based Javascript (to avoid Javascript conflicts)
  • Compatible with languages and currencies which are supported by Magento store
  • Footer can be customized to list out Static pages, Information pages, Advanced Search, Site Map, Social links, etc.
  • Cart and checkout progress pages can be completely customized. Notification mails for bookings can also be customized
  • Special offer prices or seasonal prices for hotels can be highlighted

For Hotel Admins:

The hotel admins can add infinite number of hotels without any limitations and there is option to add name, description, short description and URL Key for each hotel. Also we can upload thumbnail image, banner image for hotels. Provide additional information on hotels like Zip Code, Contact number, Fax, Slogan, Website, Facilities, Internet Availability, Parking Availability, Unique Order Key, City, Map, Terms & Conditions, Country, Email and Address.

Online Hotel Booking

For customers:

Customized search option for hotel booking with City, Check In Date and Check Out Date Search hotels based on categories Change hotel listing from ‘Grid View’ to ‘List View’ and vice-versa.

In the category pages, customers can sort hotels by name and can have options to Show/Limit number of hotels per page (pagination feature) Widgets for finding out ‘Recently Viewed’ hotels and comparing hotels Hotel images can be viewed in both thumbnail and light-box modes.

Check all the details of a hotel in a single page (Ex: Address, website, contact number, description, facilities, Location Map, Terms & Conditions, etc.) Check room availability and make bookings based on ‘Room Type.

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