Liferay Marketplace and Liferay Portal 6.1

Here at the Liferay West Coast Symposium, Bryan Cheung (CEO) and Paul Hinz (CMO) just announced the newest and upcoming version of the company’s Liferay Portal 6.1, as well as the developer community release of the new Liferay Marketplace. Liferay, Inc. hopes these moves represents a showing of strong new convergence of portal, web content management and modular applications for Liferay products.

Bryan Cheung presenting at Liferay WCS 2011

Personally, my focus in this article was going to be soley on Liferay Portal 6.1 but after talking to some of Liferay's partners and users, I've been convinced that the Marketplace is going to be a big deal for almost everyone involved with Liferay. The goal of the marketplace is to not only build better apps for the end user but also to "get everyone to share" among the community. Below you'll find discussion on the Liferay Marketplace and in the second section discussion of new features found in Liferay Portal 6.1.

Liferay Marketplace

Liferay Marketplace provides Liferay’s worldwide community of developers and partners a channel for selling applications and plugins to Liferay’s nearly 1 million installations worldwide (yea, that's a big number).  First previewed at the Liferay East Coast Symposium in May, Marketplace hits the first phase of its launch at the West Coast Symposium with a developer-ready release, which includes a system developer kit for app development.

Marketplace is now awaiting plugin contributions from a roster of Liferay's partners—several have signed up already to contribute to Marketplace's launch, including Alfresco, Vaadin, TandemSeven, salsaDev, Roambi, Omegabit, Xtivia, ProfIT Software and SocialEkwity. Liferay Marketplace’s goal is to provide simplicity and usability combined with Liferay Portal’s built-in web content management will allow users to build websites and portals at tremendous speeds. 

Paul Hinz presenting at Liferay WCS 2011

“Marketplace and Liferay Portal 6.1 together should increase the market for portal-based applications and the speed of deployment of new features to existing websites and portals,” said Paul Hinz, Liferay’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Marketplace will also reduce the cost-per-application worldwide similarly to the cost reduction seen in the mobile market.”

Liferay Portal 6.1

Liferay Portal 6.1, the latest edition of Liferay’s award-winning platform will focus on the convergence of WCM and Portal in the enterprise and introduces exciting new capabilities in document storage, content management and social collaboration while improving the user experience.

New feature highlights in Liferay Portal 6.1 include:

  • Documents, video, audio, images, and other media types are now stored in a single unified library.
  • “Speaking my language”—For each document type (i.e., financial report, surveillance video, etc.) administrators can customize metadata (i.e., author, reporting period, etc.) into terms familiar to the end user.
  • Mount multiple repositories (e.g. Liferay, Alfresco, Documentum) while maintaining a common UI.
  • Website planning and updating made easy—Multiple teams can work on several variations of a site simultaneously (e.g. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas variations) and schedule publication dates for each.
  • Enhanced staging means automatic versioning with history, undo support at the site and page level, and preview based on scheduled publications.
  • Specific pages and page areas can be designated as user customizeable
  • Dynamic site templates become an option—changes to the parent template force changes on any associated children sites.
  • Users can create Sites without the need to designate ties to Organizations or Communities.
  • Direct links between web content enables users to specify relationships, such as linking an invitation list to a Christmas party calendar event.
  • Data lists can be published as workflow-enabled forms that capture information such as an RSVP, tasks tracking and managing issues.
  • Open participation is encouraged in 6.1—users who have yet to create Liferay accounts can still rate content and have their say in forums, message boards, and wikis.