e107 Releases Version 1.0.2

In a brief announcement today, e107 Inc. announced the release of v1.0.2 of its popular website content management system. The 1.0.2 version of the e107 CMS includes some important security fixes as well as several new features:

  • Site administrators may now impose a probationary period for new users before allowing them any of the usual member privileges to some areas of the system. 
  • Support for "VIEWPORT" has been added, allowing theme developers greater control of how their design appears on mobile devices such as the iPad. 
  • A new comment approval and management area has been added to the administrator interface as well as email notifications to alert admins of pending comments. 
  • Administrators can now control which class of user has the ability to modify their signature - this helps to prevent signature-spam from users that are not trusted.

e107 Logoe107 is a content management solution used primarily for publishing solution of website pages, documents, menus and links powered by PHP and MySQL. e107  is open source and is licensed under the GNU General Public license version 2 (GPL). 

e107 Inc. encourages all users of e107 v1.0.1 or lower to upgrade to v1.0.2 immediately. A full list of changes may be found at the e107.org changelog page. Download links to e107 v1.0.2 may be also be found on the e107.org download page.