CMS Made Simple 1.2

Robert Cambell announced the expected release of CMS Made Simple 1.2 with the beta version expected in a couple weeks.  After the CMSMS 1.2 release all focus will be on development of a 2.0 version of the CMS.

Some of the new features and enhancements can be expected in CMSMS 1.2:

  • Graphical HTML Text editor (Frontend WYSIWYG)
  • News 2.5 has an ‘extra’ field for additional information (maybe an image)  and supports frontend article submission
  • Full permissions for the Admin Group (gid == 1) and not just the first user (uid == 1)
  • Fixes to pagination issues (particularly in the admin log)
  • Defaults for new pages (set the default metadata, cachable, show in menu, etc).
  • A security enhanced content editor
  • Additional Editor Groups
  • Enhancements to debug mode for troubleshooting
  • A replacement file manager
  • The ability to export pages into PDF via batch operations.
  • Batch operations in Layout >> Templates, and Layout >> Stylesheets