CMS Made Simple 1.0.6

I've been a little negligent in providing some of the latest news for CMS Made Simple.  Hopefully, the information provided will satisfy some of the CMS Made Simple fans that visit this site.  The news...CMS Made Simple 1.0.6 was released last week!

The update to this CMS not only provides some security and bug fixes but also a few new features.  The following are a list of changes that were introduced with version 1.0.6:

  •  Fixes a potential SQL injection hole in stylesheet.php
  • A new installer that uses smarty templates and classes.
  • Show the footer on tags about and help pages.
  • Fixes to the expression that caused session_start to not always be called.
  • Fixes for errors in get_template_vars with newer php versions.
  • Fixes a problem where the wrong module could be unloaded from memory if module files had been deleted manually, without explicitly uninstalling the module first.
  • Fixes to the safe mode tests.
  • Fixes for open_basedir issues in ImageManager.
  • Repeated quick reloads should no longer violate the 'cachable' page property.
  • Add a download link for the admin log.
  • Fixes for the umask test in global settings.

CMS Made Simple is available though the download page at CMS Made Simple.