ATutor 1.5.4 to be released soon

A new version of ATutor is expected to be released in late April 2007 with a beta version already available for downloading.  ATutor is a Web-based Learning Content Management System (LCMS) designed with accessibility and adaptability in mind.  The new version of ATutor, 1.5.4, contains quite a number of changes with the most significant changes listed below:

  • New Test Question Types: Ordering questions require the test taker to correctly assign given items in a particular logical order or rank, and Matching questions require students to pair question items in one column to alphabetized answer items in another column. And a first for any LMS, Matching questions can be presented in a graphical Drag-and-Drop interface. 
  • QTI 2.1 Test Question Export: Test questions can be exported according to the QTI 2.1 specification.
  • X-Sendfile Support: If installed and enabled by the webserver, ATutor will use the X-Sendfile header to send content files to the browser, which increases performance greatly.
  • Guest Tests: If enabled, guests to a course can now take practice tests.
  • Authenticated Access: Instructors can now allow access to their private or protected course to guests via the use of a secret URL.
  • Forum Post Editing: Students can now edit their own posts within a specified number of minutes.
  • Improved User Administration: Administrators can now batch update user accounts.
  • Saved Sent Messages
  • Profile Pictures
  • Adminstrator Enrollment Manager