Fast Approaching: DotNetNuke World 2012

DotNetNuke World 2012 is fast approaching and I promised some DotNetNuke friends that that I would mention the upcoming event here on my blog. DotNetNuke World is the annual user conference specifically designed for developers, web designers, administrators, business decision makers, and end users on the DotNetNuke Platform. This year the conference will be held in Orlando, Florida on October 10th through the 12th.

The theme of DNN World 2012 is "Cloud Convenience, Social Solutions". At the conference you will learn how the leading Social CMS for Business will enable you to deploy highly collaborative, revenue generating web sites and online communities based on the latest and most advanced development techniques.

A couple weeks ago, I had the privilege of getting a demo of DotNetNuke 6.2 from Shaun Walker (DNN Corp.'s CTO and DNN co-founder) and Richard Dumas (Senior Director of Product Marketing at DotNetNuke Corp). During that demo, I was reminded just how far DotNetNuke has come since I first started covering them in 2006. If you haven't paid attention to DotNetNuke in recent years, you really need to reconsider DNN as a possible solution for your WCM needs.

The social CMS aspects that are the focus of this conference is an important theme for the DNN community. Shaun has been talking about the need to integrate social media functionality into content management systems for some time now. In late Spring, DotNetNuke Corp. also announced the release of DotNetNuke 6.2. With this release, I found that  the developers' focus to making DNN a social publishing system to be fortunately  deliberate and strategic. In my opinion, this is a good path that DNN has chosen to be on.

During my conversation with Shaun and Richard, they also mentioned that DotNetNuke 7 (possibly being introduced at the end of this year) will continue to evolve its social functionality. For example, in DNN 7.0, the Message Center will see more flexibility added including format improvements in email and possibly the sending of messages via SMS. Continued improvements in social login capability will be seen and may including Google+ as an option. Better templating for the member directory and a streamline of Social Groups can also be expected in DNN 7.0. I'm sure for those that attend DotNetNuke World 2012, both DNN 6 and DNN 7 will be at the heart of many conversations during the conference.

If you plan to go to DotNetNuke World 2012, you'll want to hurry and register soon. My understanding is that Summer Pricing ends at the end of this month (August 31st) and after that date you or your employer will be paying at least an additional $100 to attend this conference. If you're sitting on the fence whether this conference is for you, remember that this conference is specifically designed for developers, web designers, administrators, business decision makers, and end users on the DotNetNuke platform. In other words, if you're a fan of DotNetNuke, this conference is likely for you.