Booting myself off the server

First, let me say thank you for everyone that stops by to reads my blog as well as seeing the latest articles I bookmark on content management systems.  You people are the greatest and this has been a very fun year for me!  Secondly, let me say you may not be able to read this post through the weekend.

I'm moving off of the server it has been running on for over for the past year.  The server currently runs on Fedora Core 4 and really need to be upgraded to a more current and better supported operating system.  I'm also trying something new so the up/down time for CMS Report will be more sporadic than with a typical server move.   I expect most of the changes to take place on Friday but I'm not sure how site performance will be next week.  What I can say is that I'm excited about the gamble I'm about to take and if it works...I may have a new recommendation for how best to host Drupal.

When I'm done...I should have plenty to talk about server administration, site support, and web hosting.  I also have  quite a few new ideas for future discussions.  Hint?  Perhaps the "C" in CMS Report is for more than just content?  Stay tune...