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The Hub is an intelligent intranet that helps you boost employee engagement and drive productivity in the workplace.  Designed by our intranet specialists and built around your individual needs, we make every Hub unique to you, so whatever your business we have an intranet to suit you.  Collaborate and share in one secure digital workplace, connecting teams, offices and multi-site organisations from across the globe.  Fast to set up and easy-to-use, the Hub provides business with a cost-effective intranet solution that's securely hosted on the Google Cloud.  Our clients include Ralph Lauren, Legal and General, RSA Insurance, Pinnacle People and more.

Transform the way your business communicates with the Hub.


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How to Choose the Ideal Business Intranet Solution for Your Company

Intranet solutions are at the heart of many businesses today, helping to facilitate a seamless flow of information across all levels of the organisation and streamlining the core business processes. In an agile work environment, a business intranet helps the employees to stay connected with each other and correspond over a secure shared network.

Five Ways to Encourage Intranet Collaboration The Hub Tue, 08/01/2017 - 06:45
Intranets can be an excellent platform that enable you to build a solid company culture of information exchange and collaboration.  With intranet software in the workplace, it's now become easier to share and access information anywhere, anytime, on any device, as well as playing a vital role in helping to improve the communication between the employees within your organization.  Collaborating through an intranet platform gives employees from different departments a unique opportunity to come together on a common platform, working and sharing ideas about big projects all within one secure digital workplace.
10 Steps To Improve Intranet Engagement The Hub Thu, 07/27/2017 - 05:56

The modern social intranet has changed the traditional company intranet forever as their functionality and ease of use is no different to social networking sites, which makes collaboration much easier than before. By taking the key steps to boosting engagement through your intranet, you can foster better communication amongst your employees, helping to improve the performance and productivity of your business.

Why You Need A Social Intranet

Are you looking to boost the performance of business communication within your company, or keen to not only disseminate information quickly to your employees but actually want your employees to engage with.

A social intranet could be the definitive solution that could take your business communications to the next level, and create better employee engagement.

Going Digital in the Workplace - Taking the Intranet Path

We all know that times have changed, but the extent to which this applies to the workplace is quite eyebrow-raising. Remote working has become a reality, and it‟s common to have staff – and sometimes entire teams - based in different countries and continents. Such arrangements not only raise obvious requirements for secure VPN connections and collaborative working solutions, but also place a much greater strain on an organization's ability to present and share information among this increasingly diverse and wide-spread audience.