The importance of subject lines in email messages for marketing

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The importance of subject lines in email messages for marketing

How to make your email should stand out from the crowd

The primary responsibility in email marketing is to create a subscriber list that helps to connect with the targeted audience willing to click on your emails. It is also your responsibility to improve the value of email communications. Email marketing success depends on two crucial factors. The first is composing the right kinds of email messages that catch the eye and appeals to the mind. The second factor is to distribute the emails so that it reaches subscribers who are willing to open your emails.  Indeed, there is a third factor too, motivating the recipients to take some positive action but it again takes you back to composing the right emails that could motivate them.  The subject line of your email is an integral part of the content and holds the center stage during any discussions about email content. 

And rightly so because the subject line gives the audience a glimpse of the content that helps them to decide whether they should click on the email. Since click-through rate of emails is one of the parameters that determine the success of the campaign, you have to be very sensitive to creating the right subject lines for your marketing emails. Remember that the effectiveness of your efforts in email marketing depends largely on your ability to create captivating subject lines.

Why are subject lines important?

The recipient you target receives too many emails every day and your email should stand out from the crowd to draw attention.  The problem of email overload results in flooding of inboxes and you have to make your email visible enough to attract viewers. The subject lines of the emails being visible first should have the qualities of creating an irresistible attraction that arouses the interest of the recipients to have a look at the email by opening it. Moreover, the recipients judge the value of emails by looking at the subject lines, which if not done right could land your email in the trash bin. Subject lines must have the ability to capture immediate attention and make the reader curious to open the email. The subject line being a one-line description of your email is the only shot that you can take in connecting with your targeted customer.

Creating attractive subject lines – what you should know

For creating attractive subject lines, you have to follow some guidelines suggested by the experts of SEO Houston, who are experts in email marketing too. The tactics of implementing the guidelines might vary, but you have to ensure incorporation of the following characteristics into the subject lines. Following the guidelines correctly can dramatically improve the results of email marketing.

  • Maintain brevity – There is limited space for creating subject lines, and you have to keep it brief but succinct. It must have the ability to grab the attention of readers. Subject lines consisting of not more than 50 characters have the highest impact as its open rates go up by 12% and the click-through rates increase by 75% as compared to longer subject lines.  Do not cross the limit and ensure that you pack it with the punch that moves the audience.
  • Stoke their interest – Unique subject lines appeal most, but it has to be interesting. The secret of creating impressive subject lines is to insert a catchy hook for the audience into it that captures their attention and makes them inquisitive to know more about the email message.  For maintaining the uniqueness of the subject line, avoid cliché and keep away from using overused words. Create a feel-good factor that keeps on lingering from the moment the audience reads the subject line.
  • Promise value – When sorting emails, the audience would like to retain emails that convey value, and the value of emails should become clear on reading the subject lines.  To attract the audience, create subject lines that reveal the value of emails so that the audience becomes interested in engaging in communication.  The hint of the value in the subject lines should assure the audience that they would receive information in the email that could improve their businesses or lives. This would surely make them open emails to derive the promised value.
  • Build trust - You must deliver what you promise in the subject lines because it is imperative to build trust through the communication with the audience. The trust you build enriches the brand value as you could stand out as an authority that provides value-based solutions to customers. Maintaining consistency in creating valuable messages as promised in the subject lines is a commitment that marketers have to meet. To gain the confidence and trust of the audience, you have to deliver what your promise and this helps to reinforce the trust that the audience response on the brand.

Achieve greater impact

For creating a greater impact on email marketing, you have to pay attention to creating subject lines that are forceful and assuring.  How the audience perceives the brand and business depend on the communication strategy, you adopt.  You must understand the correlation between the length of subject lines and opening rates and adhere to the best practices of the industry. Also, you have to be creative in framing subject lines that bring a whiff of fresh air with it. There must be something new to tell the audience and even if you want to say something much talked about, make it so unique that it appears fresh. Although there is no optimal word count for subject lines that assures high impact, you have to ascertain what works for you by remaining as thrifty as possible. 

Going through the process of testing different types of subject lines is the best way to determine the kind of subject lines that create a stimulus for the audience and make them react positively. When you know the technicalities, it is then left on your creative writing abilities and a better understanding of the minds of the audience that shows the way you should compose high impacting subject lines for your marketing emails.