Following my Google+ Influencers via their Blogs and Twitter

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Following my Google+ Influencers via their Blogs and Twitter

Thu, 01/17/2019 - 17:45
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My way of saying goodbye to Google+

After nearly eight years of being a Google+ user, the time to say goodbye to the social network is almost here. For those of you that never saw the value of Google+, I  don't expect you to fully understand what hardcore users (I'm one of them) will be missing when the platform is no more. I think Mike Elgan's article probably describes Google+ best when he explains it as a place "where smart people gather for long, detailed and interesting conversations" without the streams being "algorithmically filtered" like most social networks. For me personally, I was able to meet a lot of people on Google+ that I wouldn't have known otherwise on "hit and run" sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

At this point and time, many of the Google+ refugees are scattering and fleeing to any number of social networks (many I never heard of until recently). Instead of following these former Google+  users to their social network of choice, I've decided to follow them via Twitter and their blogs. I've spent the past couple weeks looking up the profiles of every G+ user I followed and note if they maintain a blog or personal website. I'm not sure how much value this effort will have to others, but in the end I did this for me. This is simply my way of saying goodbye to Google+ and recognizing my desire to stay connected with the G+ community through their blogs.

My personal blog contains the complete list of people I followed on Google+ that currently maintain a blog or personal website. Below, is a segment of that list...mainly the Influencers I discovered on Google+ that also have a blog I can follow.

Influenced me via Google+

Finally, please note that the inclusion of people on this list or links to their content is not an endorsement of the person's website or ideas.