The 5 biggest myths about eForms and document automation

How do you do more with less? Reduce your reliance on paper processes and start automating your workflow? Can you really create a paperless office? Why has this been a pipe dream until now?

Myth #1: You can scan your way to a paperless office.


To really succeed in becoming “paperless,” you have to forget about trying to go paperless, for a few reasons.

CMS in the Fast Lane: Joomla! 1.7

This week, Joomla! 1.7 was officially released to the public. New features in this new version of the popular open source content management system include:

  • One Click Version Updating - The new built-in updater handles updates for Joomla and Joomla extensions.
  • Multilanguage improvements - You can now associate menu items in different languages for faster navigation. Language packs can now also be built to automatically select the best font for that language.
  • Pre-defined search options for search menus. This allows developers to create a menu item that pre-fills out the search fields so end-users can have a built-in search for a specific phrase.
  • Better example code for different plug-in types. The enables developers to more easily build custom extensions.
  • The ability to automatically validate form data against a list of options during the save operation. This makes it easier to protect against hackers manipulating forms and trying to save invalid data.
  • Enables the submit article form to automatically set the article category. This makes it easier for site administrators to restrict users to a specific categoryy meaning content isn’t accidentally added to the incorrect page on a website.
  • Batch processing (copy & move) of articles is now available in the same way as it is for categories and menu items.

Joomla LogoThis is the second major release of Joomla! this year, with Joomla 1.6 released in early 2011. Given that new releases of Joomla! historically are measured in years instead of months this is something of a nice surprise to see from Joomla!. It can be weary on both users and developers waiting for the inclusion of wanted features found only in the next official release of their favorite content management system. I know in the past, I've expressed my own dismay for the lenthy development cycles of Joomla! betas amd release candidates.

docSTAR Launches New Online Document Management Software

docSTAR, the leader in advanced document management software, announces the release of its eagerly anticipated next generation product, docSTAR Eclipse 2.0.  This online document management solution captures, manages and securely stores documents in the cloud.  The new platform leverages docSTAR’s 15 years of experience in serving thousands of customers with document management technology.

Google+ first week of use review Thomas Svenson Mon, 07/11/2011 - 01:58

I have used Google+ for about a week and I like it. Compared to other social networking solutions I found it instantly useful, with a clean design. When I started using Facebook it took quite some time to get a grip on what the benefits was for me, but for Google+ I didn't have to look as they were very visible directly.

Quoting IT: Mullenweg on the Power of Developers

"If you’re a developer you’re already five steps ahead of everyone else. Scripting is the new literacy, and the ability to learn and execute on your ideas without relying on anybody else is going to be invaluable as you iterate and experiment on building something."

-Matt Mullenweg, The future of WordPress: Q&A with founder Matt Mullenweg,, July 8, 2011.

MotoCMS Updated to Version 1.5

MotoCMS, one of the leading Flash CMS and Flash CMS templates providers, announced today  the release of Moto CMS New Version 1.5. With each release the system becomes more advanced and user-friendly. The new release 1.5 significantly improves the system functionality, and also adds some innovations that have no analogs on the market.

The existing Moto CMS users may easily update their control panels to the higher version.

Well, what's new in this major release? Let's find out...

  • An ability to stretch websites has been added (the option is available for Flash templates that support this function).
  • HTML Widget has been added (the innovation that allows you to paste HTML code over any page of your Flash website).
  • An ability to embed YouTube videos in the Media Library and organize them into video galleries has been added.