Quoting IT: Good managers know IT

"In today’s global economy, a company’s success or failure may hinge on the ability to implement technology to remain competitive. The business managers of tomorrow must be able to see the big picture while also understanding the nuts and bolts that keep everything running. The type of thinking that was once left to technologists is now essential for business managers."

C.J. Kelly, "Can a Manager Be a Techie and Survive?", Computerworld, November 20, 2006

C.J. Kelly is the alias for a security manager that wishes to hide her real name and employer in her articles for Computerworld.

Those in IT with any ambition to move up the ranks need to understand their organization's business better, obviously. What isn't acknowledged so readily by management is the need for managers to know IT better.

How many managers in your business still have yet to know how business processes and information systems relate to each other? How many managers have yet to learn that an information system if more than just technology? How many organizations are failing because they don't see the real value of IT? Why is the boss boasting that he or she doesn't even know how their computers operates? Frustrating questions IT people have to ask when their organization won't ask the questions.