New Feature For WordPress CaptainForm: Centralized Form Management For Digital Agencies


123ContactForm has announced today that its WordPress form builder, CaptainForm, has a new important feature: centralized form management for digital agencies.

Centralized form management allows digital agencies and freelancers (and anybody who builds websites for clients) to manage all of the forms they create from the same place: their own WordPress dashboard. At the same time, they can share forms with their respective owners.

This feature works best with the Hero license key ($195/year), which can be activated on an unlimited number of websites. The administrator will activate the license key on the clients’ WordPress websites. In the administrator’s WordPress installation, all forms will show up. The administrator will split them into groups and share each group with its associated client.

The main benefit of centralized form management is increased work efficiency. Administrators can edit all of their clients’ forms in the same place (no need to log in to each client’s WordPress installation) and can duplicate complex forms to use them for a different client (no need to rebuild them from scratch).

For more details about CaptainForm’s new feature, check out the knowledge base: or contact the customer support team at the following email address: or by live chat.