January 2015

What is the Weakest Link in Network Security?

The landscape of network security and criminal behavior continues to evolve at an astonishing rate, and for the average company this is going to mean at least a handful of risks that must be addressed immediately. For those that have taken all of the traditional steps for protecting their network and their company's information, it may be surprising to hear that they still have vulnerable points in their system.

DNN Continues the Journey Beyond Web Content Management with Evoq 8

The first time I heard the mention of customer experience management was at CMS Expo 2012. In one of the sessions, Robert Rose spent much of his time at the Expo warning the audience that content management systems need to do more than just content management. Rose believed experience management needed to be given a higher priority over web content management.

Nuxeo Platform gets on the fast track with FT 7.1

This week, Nuxeo announced the availability of Nuxeo Platform Fast Track 7.1 (FT 7.1).  The Nuxeo Platform is the company's flagship product, a "highly customizable and extensible content management platform for building business applications". FT 7.1 follows November's release of Long Term Support (LTS) 6.0 and continues a very aggressive roadmap of continuous improvements for the platform leading up to LTS 8.0 by year's end. 

Sitecore and Microsoft Together Deliver an ECommerce Solution

Almost a year ago to this date, Sitecore and Microsoft announced they would collaborate on an offering to bring the best of experience marketing and commerce together. Today, Sitecore announced at the National Retail Federation’s Annual Convention in New York the availability of Sitecore Commerce 8 powered by Microsoft Dynamics.

Kentico 8.2: New Features in Collaboration and Ecommerce

Kentico, a provider in Web content and customer experience management,  just released a new version of their content management system, Kentico 8.2. This new version provides several new and improved features with the primary focus on collaboration and ecommerce. Kentico 8.2 also offers improvements that the software developers believe will help businesses launch and manage digital marketing campaigns faster and easier than previous versions.

Dealing with BYOD After the Holidays

The workplace can be hectic during the month of January, especially given the fact that employees arrive back at work with their fancy new devices. New laptops, mobile devices, and smartphones are among common gifts given and received over the holidays. For companies that use a “Bring Your Own Device” system, this surge in technology changes can present some difficult challenges.